Hotel Security

Depending on the size of a hotel hundreds or even thousands of people pass through on a daily basis. A hotel video surveillance system helps to monitor the flow of guests, staff, contractors and vendors and protect against theft, vandalism, break inns and damage of property. It is important for a hotel to offer their guests peace of mind and relaxation during their stay. On the other hand, hotels also need to balance the number of cameras with their guests’ desire for privacy. Guests want to feel safe, but they don’t want to feel like cameras are obsessively recording them.

The main application area for video surveillance technology in hotels is the monitoring of publicly accessible areas such

as lobbies, lounges, hallways, gyms and pool decks in order to prevent any unauthorized access. Also parking spaces are included in the security concept as most guests sleep better knowing that their car is being monitored by video surveillance cameras. Panoramic cameras can monitor the outdoor hotel area, while cameras with corridor mode can monitor hallways. IP cameras with smart detection can automatically detect objects in predefined areas and trigger an alarm. Lobby areas require highly detailed facial images and no blind spots. Fisheye cameras ensures that all corners are covered.

Along with providing security, a professional hotel video surveillance solution can also help to provide better customer service and

increase return business. It is important to remain competitive in an aggressive hospitality market.

Tiandy Technologies has been providing cost-effective video surveillance solutions for hotels for a long time and is a trusted partner by most of the top hotels in the hospitality industry. Tiandy solutions are ONVIF compliant and easy to integrate with third party products. Tiandy is also maintaining a strong network of ecosystem partners to optimize the user experience.

Products in view


TC-C35MQ Spec:I3W/E/A/2.8-12mm-EMEA

5MP Starlight Motorized Dome Camera to monitor all the public areas and also elevator area – intelligent analytics like abandoned objects and face detection.

TC-C35LQ Spec:I8W/E/A/2.8-12mm-EMEA

5MP Starlight Motorized Bullet Camera including corridor mode to monitor the hallways in hotels.


Starlight Mini POE PTZ Camera 4x optical zoom for hotel lobbies and lounge areas – intelligent analytics for abandoned objects.


12MP 360° Panoramic Fisheye Camera for highly detailed images and no blind spots to monitor the lobby area – intelligent analytics like early warning, tripwire and double tripwire.

TC-H3169M Spec:44X/LW/P/A-EMEA

360° Panoramic PTZ Camera 44x optical zoom to monitor the outdoor areas like beach, parking and swimming pool – intelligent analytics like area intrusion, entering and leaving, parking and face detection.

TC-R3880 Spec: I/B/N-EMEA

80 Channels NVR for centralized storage in security room.