Government Security

The first responsibility of any nation’s government is to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens and the nation’s property. Government facilities include city halls, court houses, customs, embassies, government intelligent buildings, military installations, police stations, ports, prisons but also national parks and other government property. IP video surveillance solutions help government institutions to prevent theft and vandalism, to deter criminals from committing crimes, to minimize daily security threats and to reduce liability.

Cutting edge surveillance technology and smart analytics makes that government

organizations can instantly respond to security threats or natural disasters. Besides securing government facilities and buildings, video surveillance is also used to provide temporary security at public events to monitor the crowd. Advanced video surveillance systems that feature video analytics can help stave off disasters like assassinations and terrorism.

Surveillance systems and video analytics are also used for monitoring traffic patterns. In prisons to monitor prisoner behavior – especially those considered a danger to themselves or those with repeat serious offenses. In border security to monitor the borders and detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders. Surveillance cameras need to cover a large area, day and night.

Well-controlled borders imply a higher level of protection for populations. Anticipation and neutralization of terrorist risks, illegal immigration and smugglers.

Tiandy Technologies has a broad portfolio of long-range PTZ cameras with laser technology and onboard analytic features. Products from the Pro series and Ultra series are delivering uninterrupted video images even in the most challenging situations. Tiandy products and solutions are ONVIF compliant and can be easily integrated with third party security management platforms

Products in view



Super Starlight Box Camera to monitor the activities inside public service buildings with a wide dynamic range of 140dB in high contrast environments – intelligent analytics for face detection and people counting.


Super Starlight Motorized Bullet Camera to monitor entrances amd exits inside and outside public service buildings in high contrast environments – intelligent analytics for face detection, people counting and tripwire.

TC-H3169M Spec:44X/LW/P/A-EMEA

360° Panoramic PTZ Camera to monitor the country borders or the crowd at public events – intelligent analytics like crowd detection, face detection, people counting, loitering and perimeter detection.


Starlight 32x zoom PTZ Camera with laser range 2km day / 1km night to monitor borders and highways.

TC-R3880 Spec: I/B/N-EMEA

80 Channels NVR for centralized storage in control rooms of public buildings.

TC-R524320 Spec:E/B/N-EMEA

320 channels storage server for centralized storage in the security center.