Large numbers of people pass through airports on a daily basis. Securing such a facility is a complex process and raise a diverse range of safety and security issues for both external as well as internal areas. From roads to airport to parking lots, from perimeters surrounding the airport to runways and from lounges to check-in counters. IP surveillance technology and new innovations in video analytics are helping to raise airport security.

Integrated analytics can help to track people through an airport in every area and identify when a problem may come up. Reverse movement monitoring alerts if someone or something is moving in an unexpected direction. Object detection notifies airport operators if something is left behind or in a position where it might cause risk. Facial recognition can compare faces of persons in an airport with a designated watchlist. Perimeter detection can sense when an area is being breached either at all or by an unauthorized person. License plate recognition captures and recognized license plates of vehicles accessing the airport and signals stolen or blacklisted vehicles.

Tiandy Technologies is able to offer a broad portfolio of IP cameras, NVRs and other related products for airport security. With an ongoing commitment to industry standards like ONVIF and a strong ecosystem partner network Tiandy solutions can be easily integrated into third party systems.