TIANDY Technologies announces integration with the AI Video Search Platform from IronYun

TIANDY Technologies, a leading supplier of versatile surveillance solutions catering to customers from enterprise to entry level is pleased to announce the integration with the next generation leading Artificial Intelligence Video Search Platform provider IronYun.

The partnership with IronYun brings deep learning technology to TIANDY’s industry-leading IP video surveillance solutions. IronYun’s Video Search Platform makes it quick and easy to identify objects of interest from hours of video data. The video search engine can be customized to easily scale and integrate with existing VMS in various applications, creating peerless integration opportunities for system integrators to build enterprise class solutions.

“IronYun’s AI on-premise and VSaaS cloud solutions are the result of over 300 man years of R&D effort, working hand in hand with the world’s top research universities and R&D centers,” said Paul Sun, Chief Executive Officer of IronYun. “We bring speed and adaptability to security while helping customers quickly analyze video data using AI technology. Our video search engine is intuitive and based on easy-to-use natural language interface. The open architecture technology makes it easy to integrate our search engine with hard- and software solutions from world’s leading IP surveillance manufacturers such as Tiandy Technologies.”

“IronYun’s platform utilizes deep learning algorithms to allow customers to search for specific videos using keywords via an intelligent video search engine. Search tasks through terabytes of video that took hours before can now be completed in seconds,” said John van den Elzen, General Manager EMEA, TIANDY Technologies. Van den Elzen continued, “This opens a broad range of interesting integration opportunities with TIANDY’s IP solutions portfolio in large-scale video generating security projects like airports and safe cities. We are always in search for innovative solutions that can strengthen our own offerings and the IronYun video search platform is unique of its kind.”

About IronYun
IronYun, a global company with U.S. offices inStamford, Connecticut provides all-in-one, end-to-end private, public and hybrid cloud computing based video analytics software as a service solutions (VSaaS). For more information, visit www.ironyun.com.

About TIANDY Technologies
TIANDY Technologies is a recognized global leader with 25 years of experience in the surveillance industry. TIANDY is the 3rd ranked video surveillance company from China and the global number 9 in the A&S Security top 50 rankings. TIANDY is dedicated to provide open and easy upgradeable tailor made surveillance solutions with an ongoing commitment to industrial standards like ONVIF. Cutting-edge technology in combination with simple designs for rapid and easy installation will bring down installation times and costs. TIANDY maintains an impressive eco environment of partnerships and is a socially and environmentally friendly company. Green is the color in the TIANDY logo and green is in TIANDY’s corporate veins. TIANDY’s highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, ASIAN and EMEA regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe. For more information, visit www.tiandy.world.